2️Get Started with Active Liquidity Management

Learn how to create Actively Managed Liquidity Positions, powered by Gamma

1. Go to Exchange / Pool

2. Toggle to V3

Synthswap is offering V2 and V3 Liquidity solutions. Concentrated Liquidity refers to V3. Actively Managed Liquidity applies only for V3 positions.

3. Create New Position

4. Select a pair of two tokens

Synthswap is offering Active Liquidity Management (ALM) only for certain pairs, currently you can create ALM V3 Positions for:

  • ETH - USDbC

  • DAI - USDbC

Active Liquidity Management is not possible for all pairs!

5. Select a Range (Wide or Narrow)

Once you selected tokens, click on Selct a range, where you must select Automatic option in order to leverage ALM powered by Gamma.

Active Liquidity Management by Gamma offers two types of ranges:

Automatic Wide: less rewards from fees, however the Impermanent Loss will be smaller.

Automatic Narrow: more rewards from fees, however the Impermanent Loss can be higher.

For Stable-Stable Pairs there is currently only option for Range, which is defined as Standard.

6. Approve both Tokens

Prior to determining the quantities for each token in your ALM CL position, it is necessary to grant approval for both tokens. Validate this approval through your wallet (a pop-up will emerge). Remember, this particular step is required solely during the initial addition of the CL position.

If you are using ETH-X pairs, you will first have to wrap ETH to WETH.

7. Select amounts and Add Liquidity

Select amount for one token, the amount for second token in CL position will be filled in automatically.

Finally, click on Add Liquidity.

8. Check your ALM Position

Your position is visible under V3/Automated (Gamma) V3 LPs. In case you would like to break/remove your ALM LP click on Withdraw and continue with the process.

In case you would like to earn extra rewards go to #9.-start-farming

9. Start Farming

Go to V3 Automated Farms, link here.

Be careful to select the correct Farm. If you provided liquidity for ETH - USDbC and selected Narrow range then you must select ETH - USDbC Narrow! For Stable-Stable Pairs there is only one option so you cannot miss.

First Approve your Liquidity Position and Confirm transaction in your wallet. Select how much you want to deposit to the farm.

Your LP can be relatively small numbers so click on MAX to select everything.

Once Approved, Click on Stake to deposit to Farm and do not forget to confirm transaction in your wallet.

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