1️Get Started with Concentrated Liquidity

Learn how to Add Concentrated Liquidity and Start Farming

1. Go to Exchange / Pool

2. Toggle to V3

Synthswap is offering V2 and V3 Liquidity solutions. Concentrated Liquidity refers to V3.

3. Create New Position

4. Select a pair of two tokens

We are suggesting you to start with ETH-USDC (biggest rewards from fees).

5. Select a Range

Click on Select a range and continue.

You can choose from 4 preset ranges (Full range, Safe, Common, Expert) or enter your desired values manually. Keep in mind that the narrower the range, the more fees you can earn, but it also comes with higher risk due to volatile price movements.

If the prices of the assets for which you're offering liquidity exceed the specified range, your position will pivot towards one of the assets. You will not accrue any trading fees until the price re-enters your designated range.

For this guide, we will choose the "Expert" range. Once selected, click on Enter Amounts to Continue to the next step.

Expert mode involves the highest Risk and highest potential Profits from accrued fees.

6. Approve both Tokens

Prior to determining the quantities for each token in your CL position, it is necessary to grant approval for both tokens. Validate this approval through your wallet (a pop-up will emerge). Remember, this particular step is required solely during the initial addition of the CL position.

7. Select amounts and Add Liquidity

Select amount for one token, the amount for second token in CL position will be filled in automatically.

Finally, click on Add Liquidity.

8. Start Farming

After you add CL position you can conveniently click on Start Farming.

In case you want to do it later, just navigate to Yield and V3.

Click on appropriate farm, in our case we create CL position for WETH-USDbC.

Select your CL position (you can have different positions opened).

First you have to Approve Position (confirm in your wallet).

Once your position is approved, you can Deposit (Stake) to Farm and start Farming.

9.Collect Rewards

Navigate to Yield / V3 and select My Farms. Choose your CL position in Farm and click on Collect rewards.

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