🗽Governance Voting

Synthswap = Community

The ultimate mission of Synthswap is to become a fully community-driven Decentralized Exchange on the Base blockchain, where all significant decisions are governed by the community members. Synthswap's users are warmly encouraged to actively participate in discussions on the official Discord server.

Synthswap will allow all holders of the $SYNTH token to determine the direction in which the project should go. To achieve that, all decisions will be polled via the Snapshot voting mechanism.

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot voting refers to a method of voting on blockchain-based projects that allows holders of a particular cryptocurrency to vote on proposals or changes to the network. This is typically done through a smart contract, which takes a "snapshot" of the blockchain at a specific point in time to determine which addresses hold how many coins and thus have how many voting rights. Holders can then use their coins to cast a vote, with the number of coins held determining the weight of the vote. This method of voting is intended to be transparent, secure, and decentralized, allowing holders of the cryptocurrency to have a say in the direction and governance of the project.

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